Brocknirr Bronzepot

The Lightning of Kord and the Thunder of Moradin


-Devout follower of Kord and Moradin
-Member of an ancient and secret sect
-Channels the power of Thunder and Lightning

Brocknirr Bronzepot represents the epitome of divine power. He does not pray for his powers as a cleric or avenger does, but is rather a divine instrument, wielding the power almost directly from the divine itself. Brocknirr is a devout follower of Moradin and Kord, and part of a secret order of invokers charged with guarding the world and keeping it from falling into disarray.

Brocknirr was always a follower of Moradin, as most dwarves are at a young age, but he always felt he had a more close bond with his god than most did. From a very young age he remembers having visions and dreams of his god, and often felt the hand of the divine guiding him along. Then, sometime near his 30th year, the visions became worse and threw Brocknirr into seizures that ended with him in a coma for several weeks. During this time, Brocknirr dreamt of an ancient war and what role his clan had in the defeat of the mighty titans during this war and what must be done to keep them from ever returning.

Upon awakening from his coma, Brocknirr found that he was inside a temple that he did not recognize. What’s more, he found that his chest was marked with the symbol of Guldarak, the God Hammer. He was informed that he had been chosen by Moradin to serve as his emissary and was to be trained in the ancient ways. Brocknirr spent many years learning the ancient ways of the invoker and how to channel his divine power.

The order lived in secret, and their numbers were few. Only a handful of invokers were walking the world at one time, searching for evidence of the titans return and ferreting out evil-doers wherever they may be found. Brocknirr is one of the most recent members to finish their training and be let out into the world. His visions have led him to a group of adventurers who seem to be following the same path as he, though he is unclear as to what that path might be.

Brocknirr’s powers manifest themselves as thunder and lightning smiting his foes with the power of his gods; Moradin and Kord. He is cheerful and helpful, if a little impatient at time from living in seclusion for so many years. While not fully trusted by his party, he has proven to be a valuable asset. He hopes to someday discover what it is that Moradin has planned for him, and what his current adventuring party has to do with it.

Brocknirr Bronzepot

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