Gix Spiderkin

The All-In-One Leader


-Blend in to every scenario
-Good at keeping secrets, especially his own
-Left behind a life of being an assassin/spy for hire
-Plays Lute and tells fancy stories
-Grew up on the streets

Gix Spiderkin is lonely in the world. From a young age he knew that something about him was different. He discovered quickly that his unique powers were both a boon and a curse. He was able to blend into any situation as he needed, but it also made him an outcast. This sense of displacement pushed him towards a less honorable path and he joined into a life of crime. He was able to use his powers to work as a spy and infiltrator. He learned many languages through his work and used this against his employers. Gix often worked for warring bandit leaders, working them against each other, getting paid all the while from all of them. He did good in this way, often putting bandits and criminals out of business by working with them and against them at the same time.

During this time, Gix found he had a love for performance. He had a natural talent to embellish the local stories and to get peoples’ attention. He learned to play a number of instruments so that he could play whatever was on hand, but found that he preferred to play the piccolo. He would go to the local taverns and perform to make a small amount of money on the side and help to make the story of his exploits grow without giving away his identity.

Gix is a dedicated man and has studied hard to be able to fit into any situation that comes his way. He has read books on every possible subject in many different languages. He has also studied the magical arts to help augment everything he has learned. Using his changeling and magical powers he can make his opponents believe that someone else had injured them or baffle them into making mistakes. He also has the ability to inspire others to do better with their endeavors and possibly convince them to do his work for him. He has also learned a small amount of healing powers to help himself and others out of trouble if necessary.

Gix’s shady past has driven him from town to town, not wanting to overstay his welcome. His current move has put him in the path of some interesting characters that seem to be fit into his current plans. Time will tell what Gix’s role will be in his current party.

Gix studies long and hard to fit into every situation. He can be anyone or anything at anytime. He truly is the jack of all trades.

Gix Spiderkin

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