Razh Beata

The Devout Vagabond


-Hails from a small town south of Cartac
-Devout follower of Bahamut
-At a crossroads in his life, looking for adventure and meaning

Razh Beata is a bit of a mystery. He wanders the world, looking for ways to better himself both physically or spiritually. He is lead down his path by the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut. He ferrets out followers of Tiamat, and oppressors of the innocent wherever he can find them.

Razh is a gentle, kind-hearted dragonborn; a true follower of Bahamut. He puts the needs of others before himself and follows the path of justice wherever he can find it. In battle, he is a fearsome sight. Woe to the enemy he chooses to be the target of his unbreakable oath of enmity for they cannot escape his righteous justice. He wields a massive falchion that is nearly an extension of his very being and not just a weapon. He moves quickly around the battlefield, breathing fire and slashing his enemies to pieces. He is not without mercy, however. To those he deems worthy of it, he will grant a merciful death, or even spare their lives if they show the willingness to repent their evil ways.

Razh left his home to become a vagabond. In his travels he has found many ways to help the innocent and uphold justice. However, not much is known about where he came from or what lead him to this lifestyle. Razh has settled in with a group of adventurers that seem to be leading him down the path that Bahamut wants him to follow. In his time with them he has found many opportunities to defeat followers of Tiamat and protect the innocent. Its as good as any other job for now, and Razh plans to stick with it until the call of the Platinum Dragon leads him down another path.

Razh Beata

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