Riswynn Fireforge

The Skull-Crushing-Yet-Noble Defender




-Militia of Portland

-Two-handed hammer (Mordenkrand) specialist

-Royalty raised, warrior trained

-Reluctantly follows Pelor after near-death experience

Riswynn Fireforge is the true unstoppable force. She uses her training from her youth and the training as a soldier to be a force that is impossible to ignore on the battlefield. She doesn’t care about defense as much as she does about dishing out as much pain as possible and keeping her enemies from hurting her friends.

She has lost much in her life. Riswynn was born into royalty in her clan. The daughter of the king of her clan, she was raised as any other noble dwarf would, but it was never enough for her. She snuck out and trained with the warriors of her clan. She found herself during this training and found that she loved the feel of her family’s ancestral weapons in her hands: the mordenkrad, a massive hammer-like weapon with spikes covering the business end. She took a different approach to the traditional way of protecting her people. Instead of wielding a shield or heavier armor, she preferred to wield her mighty two handed weapon, lighter armor for more mobility, and the thrill of battle to keep her going long after her foes were laid to waste at her feet.

But everything was not perfect for Riswynn. Her father had sent her out on a diplomatic mission for a few days. Upon returning she found that her home was gone. A massive earthquake had buried her ancestral home deep in the mountain, never to be seen again. Riswynn used her political pull and the last of her funds to travel far from her home. She enlisted in the defense of a port town, and there she found peace far from home. She served there for many years and made a number of friends, none of them ever knowing her true identity. One day, one of her best friends was killed in action. After that, she swore to inform the family of her dearly departed friend of his demise, and that is where she met her current traveling companions.

Riswynn is strong-willed and tough. She doesn’t let her noble past make her feel that she is better or above others. She is tough and forthcoming about her feelings. When the hammer comes out, however, her enemies know that she is better and above them – especially once they end up a bloodied pulp at her feet.

Riswynn Fireforge

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