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Poof! Bag of Loot! is a long-running campaign based in a homebrewed setting. The DM and the characters worked together to flesh out the world.

General Information about the world

The world in which you inhabit has a dark, rich history. Centuries ago, for reasons long forgotten, the world was divided in a worldwide civil war. What little is remembered about the war is mostly told through folklore and myth. Some stories tell that the nations fought over some powerful artifact, others say it was over land, and others still say that it was the work of the gods themselves. What the world does know, is that the consequence of the final battle of that war is still very evident. Located almost centered in the world is what is called The Wastes.

The Wastes are a vast wasteland of rubble and ash. The ground is a brownish-gray still from the remains of the dead and ruins that litter the landscape. The names of the nations that once resided here are long gone, but legend states that they were the most powerful of the dragonborn and tielfing nations, and that those races have never fully recoved since then. No one knows what caused the giant explosion that left The Wastes the way they are now, but stories tell that the warring factions summoned mighty Titans – beings of pure and unimaginable power to the world – hoping to crush their foes. The titans proved to be harder to control than the nations thought, and the cost to banish them was high.

Another fact of the war, is that the gnomes refused to be a part of wanton destruction that the civil war promised. Using their technological ingenuity, the gnomes were able to lift their entire nation into the sky, and there it remains today, floating among the clouds. No one knows much about the mysterious gnomes, and the few that trade with them tell extravagant tales of their mechanical inventions and power to always get their way.

It has been centuries since the war, and life goes on across the world. Many people live normal lives with no incident. But something is stirring in the far reaches of the world. Rumors have been spreading about goblins, kobolds, and ogres coming down out of the mountains for the first time in decades. People speak in hushed whispers about the return of the Titans to finish what they started long ago. A chill wind of change is moving through the world, and no one knows where it might lead.

Things to think about during character creation

Questions to help create a background for your character:

Are you a native, born and raised in the area? If so, who’s your family? What’s your current occupation?

Are you a recent arrival? Where did you come from? Why did you come to this area?

Are you a transplant who has been in the area for a year or more? Where are you from? Why did you come here and what made you stay?

Also, consider a motivation for your character. This should be a reason for adventuring. Try to be as specific and personal as possible. Some good examples are:

“An obsessive curiosity about arcane secrets propels me.”
“The destruction of my village drives me to vengeance against bandits and anyone else who reminds me of them.”
“In tribute to the brother who died saving my life, I have sworn to spread the worship of Pelor.”
“An oracle told me I’d learn the secret of my true parentage somewhere in The Wastes.”

Another thing to consider, is why you would want to spend all of your time with your newfound friends. Think of a relationship you may have with another PC, whether it be family, coworker, romantic partner, or worshipers of the same deity.

Then also, think of a contrast you may have with another PC. These can be minor and even humorous. Differences over minor theological points or the best way to skin a cat might be good contrasts.

Keep in mind, these last two might have to wait until all characters are created and their backgrounds decided.

The name came from the DM’s habit of saying, “The monster dies and Poof! Turns to a bag of loot!”. A funny way of explaining why he was removing the miniatures from the board, other than simply to keep it clear of unnecessary clutter.

Hopefully, within the next few months, these pages will fill with information about the world and the exploits of the adventurers in it.


Poof! Bag of Loot!